Royal : Cycles Remix EP


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Earlier this year, former DC and current LA resident artist Royal, otherwise known as Imad-Roy El-Amine released a five track game changer entitled Cycles. Working under the self described genre, conscious pop music, Royal’s one man band style of singer/songwriter/producer tracks immediately took the internet by storm propelling him into a spotlight yet to be seen by the young artist leaving everyone wanting more. Today, we have more in the form of a four track all star remix EP consisting of some of the most exciting up and coming producers in the game. Hotel Garuda, Jai Wolf, Catt Moop, and collectively Lazerdisk and DreamBeach have each flipped Royal’s unique stylings on their respective heads all of which are available for free download and purchase via Octal Sound. If by some impossible feat this doesn’t quench your thirst for conscious pop music, word on the street is Royal has been secretly working on a new album so look out for that.