MISSION : Evolve music through energy and devotion.

Company Founder

“I recognized the need for an agency that unified producers, musicians, artists, designers, and creatives; and assembled a team of managers and agents that they could stand beside.” says Octal Sound founder, Dexter Palmer. “The agency would provide artists an organized, professional, honest, and hardworking team that would allow them to focus their energies on the creative facet of their careers.”

With a commitment to building something unique, Octal Sound was born March 1, 2012.

Octal Sound is a specially tailored music agency designed around the artists, their music, and an ever evolving music community. Octal Sound takes a hand-in-hand approach in all aspects of the artists careers, sharing the artists ambitions in developing them to their uttermost potential. With headquarters in Nashville, the community of passionate individuals at Octal Sound strive to link music, art, and culture through new innovative paths.